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Here Are The Best Winter Snow Tires For The Tesla Model 3

Looking for winter snow tires for your Tesla Model 3? Here are the ones owners liked best.


If you own a Tesla Model 3 the chances are you live in a sunny climate. However, not everyone who opts for a Tesla Model 3 lives in Southern California. For those Model 3 owners who want the safety and security of a winter tire to help with turning and stopping, we researched what tires might be best. We looked at reviews for the tires by owners who purchased them for the Model 3 and for similar premium/performance cars the size of the Model 3.

Best Winter Snow Tire For Tesla Model 3 - Pirelli Sottozero 2 or 3
Our evaluation and price guidelines are for a winter tire rating for tires sized 235/40R19. Your Tesla may have different tire sizes, so be sure to look for the exact size you need to ensure the Pirelli Sottozero 2 or 3 is available. Hundreds of owners of this tire give it an overall 4.5 Star rating. Looking more deeply at the review data available, we see that about 81% approve of its winter performance.

Like all winter snow tires, the Pirelli Sottozero series has sipes, a dedicated winter compound, and a tread pattern that will allow for much greater control in cold and snowy/icy conditions.

We dug even deeper into the personal owners who bought this tire for a Tesla Model 3. One owner review confirmed our suspicions about how the Pirelli Sottozero might perform in mild weather. One wrote, "These are good tires for performance driving on cold, wet or dry roads or more normal driving on treacherous ice and snow. Plenty of winter tires will offer a bit more traction on snow and ice and if you are willing to live with the poor driving dynamics on bare or bare/wet highways and the extra noise and imprecise feel that most winter tires offer, then go with those. This is a great winter tire for those who can't stand typical winter tires and love to drive curvy backroads."

With Tesla's already good winter performance and available AWD, this tire seems to offer a great balance of a winter tire that won't spoil the fun when the conditions are mild.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Tire Budget
If you plan to strip the tires each half-year, you will only need the rubber and not a second set of rims and TPMS sensors. The author has two vehicles with winter tires. On one set, I have dedicated winter rims. On another, I have my local tire shop strip the rubber. Honestly, the second set of rims are just a hassle. I prefer to move the lighter tires without the rims. Budget about $300 per tire and about $100 per set of mountings and balancings each half year. If you just had a sticker shock moment, maybe remembering that the 3-season tires rest while the winters are at work will help. Winter tires are typically good for four seasons, but your mileage will matter more than the number of seasons.

Another tire to consider is the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32. Like the Pirelli above, it has reviews that are favorable and the Blizzak is a performance winter tire line with a solid reputation.

Have you had good luck with a winter tire on a Tesla Model 3? Share your comments in the section below to help your fellow owners.

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