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Here Are The Best 2 Winter Tire Picks For the Toyota Camry

Looking for winter tires for your Toyota Camry? We did the research and here are the best three tire models.


The Toyota Camry is the top-selling car in America. The Camry has earned that spot by being one of the safest vehicles, one of the highest rated for reliability, and for being an all-around great car. One thing most people don't add to the long list of Camry compliments is "great snow car."

The Camry is as good as any midsize front-wheel drive car, but it does not have an all-wheel drive option. Even with all-season tires the Carmy is only marginal in snow and ice. However, that can be remedied and it is almost free to add winter tires that will transform the Camry into a great snow car.

We looked at the reviews from Tire Rack and read into the owner commentary to bring you what we think are the best two options for Camry winter tires in two categories. Here are the results:

Overall Best Winter Tire Pick For 4-Cylinder Camry Cars
The Bridgestone Blizzak WS 80 is the overall champion. This tire has four and a half stars from a multitude of customer reviews and is also one of the least expensive. At just $133.40 per tire, the Blizzaks are affordable, and proven winners. Tire Rack customers gave the WS 80 a 9.4 out of ten in winter conditions.

On Camry owner said of the WS 80, "This is my second set of the Bridgestone Blizzack Tires. Absolutely trust and love these tires during snow storms in Colorado. Snow and Ice traction is absolutely amazing. Usually, I take these off during warm and dry days in Colorado and put them back on during the snow storms to prevent wearing them out too quickly. This tire handles very well in snow and on ice and differently worth its price."

Best Sporty Winter Tire For XSE and SE Camry Cars
Some Camry cars are sportier than others. The SE and XSE trims in particular. If you like spirited driving and don't want to give up mild-weather performance, we suggest the $165.00 Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3. As one performance car owner who tried the tires put it, "Love this tire as it sacrifices little as compared to the summer tires in terms of handling, performance, braking, ride and it's quiet on the road to boot. Fantastic in the snow considering it's width and surprisingly good on ice and slushy conditions. I drove in blizzard conditions in Minnesota and felt totally at ease with the grip and braking."

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