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Florida Man Tries To Jump Corolla Over Canal - How'd That Go?

A Florida Man tried to jump his Toyota Corolla across a canal. Would his results be as good as the man that jumped a RAV4 over a drawbridge?


A Florida man has learned to his shock that he is not, in fact, Evil Knievel. The man was recently seen, according to police, parked near a canal in Lehigh Acres Florida. He checked out the canal's width, then went back to the car and gunned it. The end result was not pretty.

The man was unhurt according to reports, but the Corolla was destroyed. A neighbor told the local affiliate Fox 4, that they believe the driver was "misbehaving, or under the influence of alcohol or drug-related." Shocker.

This is the second Toyota jump attempt in the recent news. The prior jump was not voluntary and was successful. A man with his family in the car in New Jersey found himself on a drawbridge that was suddenly starting to open. Facing no good choices, the man gunned his RAV4 and made the jump! Again, sadly, the Toyota was badly damaged.
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We are not sure why there is suddenly an uptick in the number of Toyota car jump attempts.Nor are we sure why they seem to happen in such mainstream models. The best Toyota product in which to attempt a jump is, of course, the V8-powered Lexus RC F. Failing that, a good old prior generation V6 RAV4 would be our choice. That is unless a 500 hp Supra was available.