Watch Vlad's Latest Toyota Supra Turbo Run the Quarter Mile
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Watch Vlad's Latest Toyota Supra Turbo Run the Quarter Mile

Vlad’s Toyota Supras are legendary. Here’s what his most recent creation runs in the quarter mile and why it is so special.

Vlad Yevtushenko is a vehicle tuner and technician at National Speed in Wilmington, NC. He spends less time turning wrenches these days and more time managing projects and using a laptop to generate speed. That’s him securing the Supra Turbo to the dyno so it won’t shoot through the wall. His new creation is a little more streetable and down to Earth than some of his past creations. This one has “only” 516 hp to the wheels.

Supras are Vlad’s passion, but he helps makes magic with any engine that comes to the shop. We reached out to Vlad and asked him what makes this particular Supra special. Vlad told us “This car is only 1 of 24 produced in its combination. What makes it so rare is the Quicksilver color which was only in 1998 and only 24 were twin turbo manual Trans in that color.” We wondered if he had a rough estimate of the cost of the vehicle if sold today. His reply was “With it having only 60k miles I would guess I can sell the car for over 60k in today's market.” Not far off the price of a new Lexus RC F or BMW M4. (Don't miss the video on Page 2)

Some cars we see with impressive numbers are stripped-out shells built for the racetrack, but this car isn’t. Vlad tells us “When not drag racing the car drives like OEM. Aside from the stiffer clutch and louder exhaust. It still has every feature the car came with such as working AC and power steering. Full interior and OEM electric seats, etc.”

We always try to get Vlad to tell us the top power he ever produced from a Supra, but he only will say “Rather not mention the most HP but many well over 1000hp.” We did ask him who he builds these classic Supras for. Vlad said, “Some of my customers include people overseas in Saudi Arabia/ Qatar.”

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