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Behold the Best Mark-1 Supra In the World & Guess Its Price

This 1979 Mark-1 Supra model is almost surely the best first-generation Supra In existence.

The first generation Supra, Celica Supra if we are picking nits, was a breakthrough car for Toyota. Although Toyota had build sporty-fun coupes for many years, the Supra was a new direction for the company. Combining both luxury and performance, the late-1970s Supra was quick for the times, and it had the goods to back up its sports-car pretentions. Bias alert – The author owned a 1979 Supra.

The 1979 Supra had an in-line, fuel-injected, six-cylinder engine. Available in both automatic and five-speed manual transmissions, the car was rear-wheel-drive and handling was very good. Like all classic cars, one needs to place the car in the times to have perspective on its performance. With four-wheel disc brakes and 60-series rubber, the car could also stop as well as go.

Luxury is also relative. Leather was available as was a hand-cranked sunroof. The audio system consisted of an AM/FM radio, and separately, a cassette player. Each with their own volume controls. When the cassette player was stolen from mine, the radio still worked!

Take a look at the finish on this 1979 car that sold this past year by Mike Stanton of Super Motor Sports of NY. It is hard to imagine a 35-year old car of any make looking so well preserved. What do you think it sold for? We will reveal the price after a few readers guess.

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Taylor (not verified)    September 18, 2016 - 2:07AM

These just dont hold their value because theyre sadly the most unsought after gen of Supra. i have a January 1979 with 0041xx on the chassis so very low number production, one of the first few thousand made. immaculate shape especially since im in north Canada and it was 1 owner, i paid $2600 for it years ago and when i get it appraised in a few months i dont expect to see more than $10k. no rust, 5spd, fully loaded minus power locks and sunroof, etc. real world i would be lucky to get $8k