Edmunds and Parents Magazine Name 2016 Toyota Sienna Best Minivan For Families
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Edmunds and Parents Magazine Name 2016 Toyota Sienna Best Minivan For Families

The only AWD minivan earns yet another award.

Parents Magazine and Edmunds teamed up recently to rank the 10 Best Family Cars. The story will appear in the July 2016 issue of Parents. No vehicle better defines the family car in America than the minivan, and Parents and Edmunds chose the 2016 Toyota Sienna as the best.

Parents had many good things to say about the Sienna, including, “The endlessly roomy Sienna stands above its competitors for two reasons: It’s the only one with available all-wheel drive, and the especially user-friendly controls help you stay focused on the road.”

-Click here to see a video of the Sienna's AWD system in action.

Why more minivans are not available with AWD is a complete mystery to anyone who lives in snowy areas. The lack of AWD almost forces buyers away from minivans and into SUVs, except at a Toyota dealership where a buyer has the choice of front of AWD.

The convenience that Parents speaks of may best be exemplified by Toyota’s Driver Easy Speak. This system plays the driver’s voice through the audio system so that “polite suggestions” to third-row rugrats going bonkers can be effectively heard. Screaming at the top of the lungs is wonderfully refreshing sometimes, but in many cases, parents just want to be heard. The 2016 Sienna also offers advanced collision prevention and other active safety systems.

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