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Dashcam From Tesla Model S Shows Why Everyone Is Getting One

This image taken from the dash of a Tesla Model S shows why dash cams are gaining in popularity, but what should you look for when shopping?

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Dashcams make the hit show Ridiculousness much more fun, but they have other advantages than just providing great near-miss videos. In-car cameras can record traffic incidents and help with insurance claims. They provide better evidence in court than he-said, she-said type testimony. The image at the top of this story was recorded by the founder of the Tesla Model S Owners Club on Facebook, Alex Guberman. He narrowly avoided being hit by a car that crossed over into his lane and it was all captured on camera. He credits the Model S' quick handling for his being able to avoid the on-coming car. Sadly, most stories don't end this way.

Allied Market Research projects that the vehicle camera market will grow by 15% through 2022 approaching $8 billion in annual sales. The group points to road accidents, false insurance claims, vehicle thefts as the main drivers behind this growth in vehicle camera sales. Areas the group sees as possible expansion for the vehicle camera market include integrated GPS, remote sensing technology, dual lens cameras, night vision cameras, and 3D imaging technology.

So what should you look for if you are considering joining the trend? Techquickie offers these suggestions for those shopping for their first in-vehicle camera. First, be sure to get a camera with a looping function. This will enable the camera to make the most of its memory by recording over its older content automatically. Another feature to consider is a camera with a G-force sensor that can sense an accident and then bookmark the preceding video content for storage. Be sure to get a camera with good night recording ability based on reviews. Techquickie cautions that thermal imaging cameras don’t always do a good job, so be wary of that technology. A motion sensor that can turn the camera on when parked to record being hit or record a break in is also a great feature. Finally, look for a camera that has some battery capacity when not connected to vehicle power so it can be used outside the vehicle as well as inside. Image quality is paramount. Don’t settle for less than 1080p and consider a wide angle view a plus.

If you have a dash cam and have had good luck with it, please let us know what model you selected in the comments section below so other shoppers can benefit from your experience.

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Hannah (not verified)    October 10, 2016 - 6:30AM

I use RAC 05 and I'm very happy with it - no problems so far and good quality footage, though I'm in the UK and I'm not sure if they sell in the US?