Chevy's new app lets people track their spouses.
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Chevy Has A New App that Lets Your Spouse Track Your Movements

Chevy's newest addition to its App package allows owners to see their vehicle's location in real time. We found the example that Chevy used in its image very interesting.

Chevrolet has added a new feature to its myChevrolet App suite. The new app allows for a Chevy owner to track the location of the vehicle in real time. It also allows the user to set up geographical boundaries and alerts when the vehicle enters or leaves those areas. Finally, the app allows a Chevy owner to get notifications when their vehicle arrives at home.

There are many useful ways the new App, called Vehicle Locate, might be put to good use. We will get to those in just a moment. However, what we found funny was the example that Chevy used in its image. The Chevy "owner" is a person with a woman's styled fingernails holding a phone and tracking "Curt's Camaro" as Curt makes his way around town during his busy day. At each stop, the person with the phone gets a notice of Curt's exact whereabouts and his exact time at those locations. Presumably, the Camaro belongs to Curt, not the person keeping track of Curt.

Step back and think about just how psyched you would be if you brought home a new Camaro and your significant other was then able to see where you went with it. You'd love that, right?

Chevy offered a few real-world examples that we can relate to. Here they are in shortened form:
- The Connected Commuter – A working person lets their family know when they leave work.
- The Concerned Parent – Parents of teens can watch them and see where they take the car.
- The Modern Dater – Instead of sending out "Checked in safe" notices to a friend after a blind date or on-line "swipe right" hookup, the MyChevy app takes over and sends that notice from the car automatically. Even if you are now in the trunk.
- The Helpful Truck Owner – You loan your Silverado or Colorado to a buddy so he can move a kegerator. You can watch him and see where the truck goes.

We are poking a bit of fun at Chevy, but we see the upside to the new App and truth be told, your author uses a Cell Control Driver ID device to track his teens' car usage just like Chevy envisioned. He does not track his significant other as far as you know...

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This app is ridiculous. I’m in the middle of a divorce and my estranged husband constantly hounds me about my whereabouts using this app. Chevy won’t do anything to help me either.
I am trying to help a family friend going through the same situation. Trying to find a way to disable the entire tracker. He ex husband is stalking her with this "feature" and then calling her mom, accusing the woman of nefarious activities, of which she is not part of. My wife and I fear for her safety and the safety of her kids.
You can disable in Settings-Privacy- The y turn off location service
If I turn off the location services on my app, will that change also be applied to my soon to be ex?
Tiffany, you can turn off your location on your vehicle. They may be able to turn it back on with the app, I'm not she, but you can keep turning it back off. And it's relatively quick to do in settings
My husband is using this app daily to track my every move. He has alerts set up so that when I leave work, he can follow wherever I go and how long I've been there. I run errands for work, daily. I have done NOTHING to make him distrust me, NOTHING. I'm a good wife and I thought we had a good marriage. He's created scenarios in his mind of what I "could be doing" and it's been presented to me as an accusation. This WILL ruin a good marriage. I feel stalked, and like I cannot breathe. I cannot even drive thru a Starbucks for a coffee without him knowing how long it took them to froth my latte. The constant worry that he will believe something he's created in his mind is debilitating. I've often said that if you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing. I'm not hiding anything at all. He is the love of my life, but if this doesn't stop, I fear I will run.
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How did you do this with the cell phone
I need to find my Chevy 2011 hhr panel van that I let associated person drive him self home and he never brought it back to me, heard later that guy drove it to Las Vegas, so I need to know how to track my vehicle location.
i need to be able to track my husbands 2020 chevy silverado to know his where abouts please and thank you due to so much suspicion. how can i do that, please and thank you let me know
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I’m having the same problem. I’m going to make sure I never buy a gn car again. They do not protect their customers. I thank his he cannot accesss major components to this car if these people who stalks us snd play with the vehicle send our cars off cliffs some of us would be dead. today and this company would not take any accountability. What a terrible mess. This company will have to do better in regards to the navigation system. It needs to be able to be disabled without having to lose all the mylink perks that comes with their cars. Don’t buy the Chevy cruzes any yeah after 2014z Youbwont be safe if you have a stalker situation such I do. God bless you and good luck .
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