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2015 Toyota Highlander takes third in Consumer Reports People’s Pick Awards

Consumer Reports latest award lets the people do the choosing. Highlander comes very close to the top spot.


Proving that Toyota is not completely invincible when it comes to industry awards and surveys, Subaru narrowly beat out Toyota to take home the first and second place in Consumer Reports’ new 2015 People’s Pick Awards. The 2015 Highlander garnered 23% of the votes, with the Subaru Outback Earning 25% and the Subaru Forester earning 24%.

Consumer Reports’ People’s Pick Award
Consumer Reports always impresses us with their willingness to let the driving public define the winners and losers in the automotive world. This new award is no different. CR cleverly used its Facebook page to hold the voting. In the first round, the question was simple. CR simply asked its readers to answer this question: “Choose a vehicle that is currently available in the United States that you’d want to live with as a daily driver.” From the many replies it got, CR narrowed the field to just five vehicles. The Tesla Model S, the Honda CRV, the Subaru Outback, The Toyota Highlander, and the Subaru Forester.

The second round let CR’s Facebook community decide on which of the top five they would choose. The Tesla and CRV were runners up with 10 and 17% of the votes.

Drivers Choosing Safety
Interestingly, all three of the winners of this plus the CRV are Top Safety Pick Plus rated vehicles by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. All earn high marks on crash tests and have advanced or superior forward crash prevention available. The Tesla Model S does not presently have this safety technology. However, it does plan a fix for that oversight. Owners and fans of the Tesla do however, consider it a very safe automobile.

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