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2014 Toyota Corolla helps US workers with in-sourced jobs

The media loves to slam "big companies" for out-sourcing American jobs. However, when the jobs are being in-sourced, like these from Toyota, not much is made of it.


Toyota has announced that the all-new 2014 Corolla will soon be built in the US for export. The new Corolla is starting to go on sale this coming month. The Corolla will join many other Toyota vehicles that it builds in the US and then exports to other marketplaces.

Last year Toyota exported 124,000 vehicles. That is more vehicles than many popular brands sell in the US. Recently exports from the US by Toyota have accelerated and year-over year comparison of exports shows a 45% increase. The 2014 Toyota Corollas for export will be made in Tupelo Miss. Currently, the target market for expansion is Latin America and the Caribbean.

Toyota’s Tupelo plant employs 2,000 Americans and Toyota has invested nearly a billion dollars in the plant. Commenting on the expanded in-sourcing by Toyota, Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota’s North America Region “Toyota’s U.S. manufacturing operations continue to grow as a key supplier of cars and trucks for global markets, which is only possible thanks to the dedication and high-quality work of our team members here. The export of U.S.-built Corolla sedans to Latin America and the Caribbean will help to further solidify our U.S. manufacturing base.”

Having come full circle from the past days when there was more meaning to the term “American Car” Honda and Toyota now export American built cars all over the world. Honda last December built and exported its one millionth car from the US. Interestingly, that particular car was an Accord headed to South Korea.