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Want to test drive a Bugatti Veyron? Bring your tax records

Bugatti is hosting a Dynamic Drive Experience throughout North America this year that is aimed at giving potential buyers the chance to experience their signature car on the streets, highways, airstrips and race tracks of the nation's best cities. But you'll need to qualify first.

According to the company, Bugatti's Dynamic Drive Experience is designed to "engage ultra-high net worth individuals and enthusiasts of exclusive super sports cars" with an unforgettable day behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, the world's fastest production roadster.

Qualified prospects are invited to participate in this experience which will feature challenging road courses, high speed driving on closed roads and airport runways, and more. An official Bugatti Test Pilot will customize the experience for each participant while giving a comprehensive overview of the Veyron.

Around the experience is five-star hospitality and hobnobbing with other program participants. Groups are small in size, obviously, and the Bugatti sales people (er.. Flying Doctors) are there to talk about the ownership experience and explain what can be expected from the personal concierge service Bugatti offers.

“Driving a Bugatti is an incredible experience. It is the most powerful and fastest production car in the world and is outstanding in terms of driving dynamics but also in terms of usability”, said Dr. Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. “We modeled this new event format that is centered around driving the 1200 horsepower Vitesse on the greatest roads in America with the opportunity to fully experience the car both on windy road courses and at high speeds on long straightaways.”

The first of these experiences is in Las Vegas and happened this month. Four more events are planned throughout the U.S. and Canada over 2014. Each are at exclusive properties in or near cities that offer great driving roads and the opportunity to stretch the car out on runways or private roadways. The next event will be in the Southwestern United States early next year.

Those interested, and who can prove their net worth is sufficient, can contact Bugatti through any of its dealers nationally.


John Goreham    November 19, 2013 - 4:14PM

In my former life I knew some folks that could afford a Veyron. One guy in particular was a real car-guy. I was introduced to the Skip Barber programs by him. His daily driver was a Subaru STI and he also had a Miata. His wife drove an Outback. Smart guy.