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Just what are they thinking using a Bugatti Veyron for burnouts?

Did anyone ask this simple question, why? Why on earth use a$2.3 million hypercar to do some burnouts? If you find the answer, let us know.

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You have to be severely demented to take a million-dollar hypercar and play “Tire Burn: The Ultimate Idiocy.” It’s a game where the driver of the hypercar does doughnuts, burnouts and a few slides as rubber smoke billows from the wheel wells. Of course, there's nothing more satisfying than proving you are the Master of a Veyron than laying down slabs of rubber from the hypercar’s super-expensive rubber, while the rubber smoke envelopes the vehicle.

Indeed, about the only people nuts enough to take a Bugatti Veyron would more than likely be the owner – a must if you are going to put a hypercar through those paces – and the editors of a magazine. That's the group that put the Veyron through the significant tire-scrubbing recently. Though the owner remains anonymous, the magazine is Daily Driven Exotics. They joined forces to create what they termed the “most expensive burnout in the world.”

The group used a $2.3 million Mansory Vivere special edition Veyron. The hypercar can easily handle the task. Its 1,200-horsepower mill pushes the exotic to its record-breaking top end of 254.04 mph. The Veyron said Motor1, as it looked at the project, was Bugatti’s heavy-lifter. However, it was replaced this year by the Chiron.

For this project, the team put the hypercar though some incredibly costly maneuvers. You see, each Veyron tire costs about $10,000 plus shipping. And, to be sure they had enough rubber to take care of the doughnuts, burnouts, and slides, they opted to have a complete set of wheels and tires around, just in case. The team spent about $150,000 for tires and wheels. And to think, they did it all just to see if it could be done, more or less.

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