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McLaren 675LT To Debut at Geneva Show, Reviving the Longtail Moniker

Fans of F1 of the 1990s will recall the McLaren F1 GTR nicknamed "Longtail" that dominated the circuit at the time. Well, it's back as a new McLaren 675LT.


It's only a tease for now, but McLaren has promised to unveil a new model at the Geneva Motor Show this year as the McLaren 675LT, joining the new 650S and 625C in the Super Series. The March premier at Geneva will showcase the first time McLaren has officially used the "Longtail" (LT) name in a production vehicle for racing in decades.

It all started in 1997 when McLaren entered Formula racing with a now-legendary model. Despite two dominating seasons, McLaren decided to redesign their F1 car and the stretched McLaren F1 GTR was born. During its debut season, the long silhouette was nicknamed the "Longtail" by circuit-goers and the name from the grid stuck. The season proved to be one of the company's best and the legend was created.

Now, for 2015, McLaren is bringing it back with the 675LT, inspired by the original F1 GTR nearly two decades ago. The company renowned for its race and street performance, exclusive cars, and which holds one of the most powerful names in racing has promised that the McLaren 675LT will not disappoint in looks or numbers. More information will be coming soon.

Until then, here is fourteen seconds of the 675LT's wheel spinning in slow motion over water.