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How You Can Get A Topless, Electric McLaren P1 For Under $500

Some of us dream of owning a McLaren P1. But the large pricetag means it is out of reach for most. What if I told you could get a P1 that is fully electric, has no roof, and comes just under $500? Intrigued?
Posted: September 26, 2016 - 3:52PM
Author: Will Maley

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You're thinking there is a catch to this and there is. This particular P1 is only for kids between the ages of three to six.

It features a number of key details found on the P1 such as the dihedral doors and central seating position. Top speed has been decreased from 217 mph to just 3 mph. But getting up to 3 mph only takes 2 seconds.

"An MP3 player and audio system is standard and helpfully already pre-programmed with every popular nursery rhyme. It also features a reverse gear in addition to its three speed, forward transmission. Handy if you’ve arrived at the wrong playground," McLaren says in the press release.

Unlike any McLaren model before it, this P1 is only available in Volcano Yellow.

The P1 toy car will begin at £375.00 (about $486.19) when it arrives at select McLaren dealers next month.

Pic Credit: McLaren

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