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Hyundai Intrado Points Brand in Right Direction

The Hyundai Intrado concept being introduced next week at the Geneva Auto Show is interesting not so much for what it is but who oversaw its design: Peter Schreyer. His involvement signals an evolution of Hyundai's designs and could give the brand a much needed point in the right direction for better sales.

Schreyer oversees both Kia and Hyundai's global design efforts. He was formerly head of both Audi and Volkswagen design and was responsible for Kia's design efforts from 2006 to 2012 until being appointed to oversee both brands.

So, why's that a big deal? The Intrado is a bold step in Hyundai's fluidic design philosophy. Simply put, the Intrado looks like no other Hyundai you have seen before. It incorporates elements of Audi and BMW and even, in my opinion, has shades of Mitsubishi when viewed from a side angle.

Schreyer said, “Effortless and sensual, Intrado reflects the open-mindedness and constant renewal of the Hyundai brand. It also shows that Hyundai wants its customers to rediscover the joy and freedom that should be associated with personal mobility. That’s why this car has such purity of purpose – it’s logical, lovable and livable.”

Hyundai, in a press release, says, "The vehicle’s distinctive shape is dictated by the need to be aerodynamically efficient; it is free of unnecessary adornments and features minimal detailing. The body panels are made of advanced super lightweight steel from Hyundai Motor’s steel plant."

How close is the Intrado to reality? We'll find out when the new Hyundai Sonata is introduced at the New York Auto Show. Elements of this design could be incorporated into it. Especially tempting is the Intrado's lack of "unnecessary adornments" as stated above.

Something else that is going to be key is Hyundai having its own steel plant. That could factor in the brand coming up with sharp new designs for the 2016 model year and beyond.

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