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Has Kia Created the Forte of Minivans?

There's a running joke throughout the movie "Get Shorty" where John Travolta, saddled with driving an Oldsmobile Silouhette, proclaims it "the Cadillac of minivans." Maybe Kia is onto something with the new Sedona being introduced at the NY Auto Show. It looks like the Kia Forte of minivans.


OK, maybe it's more suggestive of a Kia Optima as an earlier teaser photo demonstrates but the point is Kia seems to really be focusing on delivering a minivan that is as stylish as anything it offers in its lineup. It no longer seems to be an afterthought.

The Sedona will sit on a newly developed chassis with power coming from a gasoline direct injected (GDI) V6 engine. It will include "a host of innovative technology and safety features, including Kia's next-generation UVO Infotainment & Telematics system." That hints at the Sedona being targeted at younger buyers, which makes sense when you consider that young families buy minivans.

But, not just young families buy minivans. Kia probably won't admit this but it turns out old folks like them, too. Minivans offer comfortable seating positions and easy exit and entrance. They're also good for long highway trips and transporting grandkids.

Don’t scoff at notions being an important buying segment to consider. Up to 50 percent of new cars purchases in the coming year could be by people over 55 years of age. They have the economic power somewhat lacking in younger generations to purchase new cars, which helps explain why they are the majority of purchasers.

One has to wonder, though. Isn't it time to retire the Sedona name? It's not necessarily associated with a viable product. Kia should have called it the Carnival like it does in other parts of the world. It just has a better sound to it in our humble opinion (unless you're booking a cruise, which is also appealing to senior citizens).


Raymond Max (not verified)    April 10, 2014 - 11:18PM

Damn good looking. Can you give us a hint as to the minivans performance, transmission and drivetrain options? Will it offer self-parking, pending collision warning, etc? Good read, thanks.