BMW Mini E

Next generation Mini line will include Plug-in Hybrid, Diesel versions

BMW's plans for the next generation of the Mini includes adoption of BMW's new UKL front-wheel-drive architecture, and electrification that includes a Plug-in Hybrid Mini.

According to an interview published today on with Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW's board member in charge of Mini, BMW is gearing up an overhaul of the Mini. The plan includes refreshing the drive train, and to add some electrification to the Mini family.

The interview didn't make it clear what their plans are beyond saying "we currently have in mind eight to 10 models" and that there will be "electrification" which will "certainly" include a plug-in hybrid. The word, electrification, is a catch-all that includes Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids, Battery Electric, and even Fuel Cell. Those eight to 10 models will also include a diesel Mini.

In September BMW’s head of production line for large vehicles, Peter Wolf, said BMW's intention is to electrify their entire product line. They would add at least one electrified vehicle "in each and every model series." At the time Wolf said their planned next electrified vehicle, after the BMW i3 and BMW i8, would be the BMW X5 eDrive, a Plug-in Hybrid SUV.

This will not be the first time Mini's have been electrified. As a lead-up to the BMW i3, the company developed two prior prototype vehicles, the BMW Mini-E and the BMW ActiveE. The Mini-E is widely regarded as having been a very fun car to drive.

That BMW is planning a plug-in Hybrid Mini has been making the rumor rounds the last month or so. This new interview confirms those rumors. What we don't know is "when" and what the specifics will be.

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