2011 Nissan Leaf, dressed for Easter

Electric car advocacy with Nissan LEAF's dressed in bunny ears, in an Easter parade

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April is a prime month for electric car owners to show off their cars at Earth Day events, but an Easter parade in Campbell CA afforded the SF Bay BayLeaf's group to show 12 Nissan Leaf's, dress their cars as giant bunny rabbits, and do a bit of fun electric car advocacy.

It's Easter time which means communities around the country gather for parades featuring bunny rabbits, candy, and group after group of people showing community pride in one thing or another. This weekend in Campbell CA, one of these groups were members of the San Francisco BayLEAF's group driving a contingent of 12 Nissan LEAF's dressed up in bunny ears and whiskers. The BayLEAF's is a Nissan Leaf owners group based in the SF Bay Area.

The event was the annual Bunnies and Bonnets parade held in downtown Campbell. Campbell is situated in a corner of Silicon Valley, next door to Los Gatos. Campbell itself is a small town, that borders on San Jose, and is a key node in the fabric of cities that comprise Silicon Valley. Coincidentally Campbell happens to host the world headquarters of Coulomb Technologies, operator of the ChargePoint network of electric car charging stations.

Campbell recently installed several electric car charging stations, all part of the ChargePoint network. The stations are scattered around parking lots and parking garages in the Downtown Campbell area. These stations of course saw an uptick of usage yesterday with the BayLEAF's coming to town.

One of the BayLEAF members had for years organized the Porsche club appearance in this same parade. This year, as a new LEAF owner, he decided to organize the BayLEAF's group to appear. Organization was done through the BayLEAF group on Facebook, and the goal was to have anywhere between 5 and 1000 Nissan Leaf's participate in the parade. The 12 Leaf's in the parade was well within the target range, and all had a good time.

The LEAF owners covered a broad spectrum of humanity, equally men and women, young and old, united in a common dream of showing off their electric cars. One young man had tricked out his Leaf with extra lights and other doodads. A retiree coming all the way from Alameda with his LEAF had also built several electric car conversions over the years. He was using the CarSounds app for his iPhone, connected via Bluetooth to the car sound system, to make his LEAF make vrooming noises. Another not only owns a Leaf, but is one of the Electronauts in the BMW ActiveE program.


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