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Ferrari 250 GTO Cufflinks are the perfect accessory to your Ferrari

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Ferrari 250 GTO? If you love cars I am sure the answer is unequivocally “Yes!” Well how about a pair of Ferrari 250 GTO Ignition Cufflinks?


As funny as that sounds a gentleman's accessory specialist, as they like to be called, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari GTO this year. GTO London, the gentleman's accessory specialist, is creating this unique accessory modeled after the ignition barrel of the world famous Ferrari 250 GTO. An excellent idea for those that needs such items in their wardrobe.

The Ferrari 250 GTO Barrel Ignition Cufflinks are expertly Hand-crafted and engineered to the finest detail. Also the cufflinks feature GTO London’s precisely-engineered signature cuff anchor mechanism. You want to make sure you can match your wardrobe to your Ferrari, and these puppies let you do just that!

GTO London also offers many other great items among what they refer to as the ‘Accensione’ collection. This includes a stylish key fob and tie pin also designed to look like a Ferrari 250 GTO ignition. All the accessories were designed to be accurate down to the tiniest detail. These items can be created from the finest sterling silver, or even with a touch of Real Ferrari Metal, for an even greater affinity with one the best known automotive brands around the world.

Of course since this is not for the normal person, as nobody who buys a Ferrari can be considered “normal”, GTO London does offer a Bespoke Made Easy program. This allows customers to specify material and finish on their special Ferrari accessories, which will suit any budget or style. Materials range from sterling silver, to gold or even Real Ferrari Metal and any choice of precious stones which you might prefer. (Let's be serious you got to have a big budget to order these!)

What do these special accessories cost? Well the GTO London ‘Accensione’ range is available priced from £115 British pounds for the tie pin, which is about $290 dollars. The key fob is £155 pounds, roughly $390 and the cufflinks are a measly £245, which is around $617 dollars. (Mmm, that conversion rate is a killer!)

GTO London' feels that the ignition is an extremely evocative element of the Ferrari 250 GTO. The ignition represents the starting point, quite literally, of something very special.

“For anyone who appreciates fine cars and personal style, the ‘Accensione’ range is a subtle and stylish way to mark such an important anniversary, for such a motoring icon.” said GTO London founder and creative director, Victoria Lyon. She also added “  It’s also the perfect gift, with Fathers’ Day fast approaching.”

Father's day is still pretty far way (June 17th). I can see giving these to my Father though and I know what I would write in the card, “I couldn't buy you a Ferrari so I thought I would just give you the next best thing.”

To get your cufflinks:

Photo: GTO London