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Bentley Continental GTC: Frankfurt Auto Show 2011's most luxurious

Wolfgang Durheimer, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors is ready to welcome the new Bentley Continental GTC convertible to the world. The new Bentley will debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.
Posted: September 13, 2011 - 3:21PM
Author: KC Kelly


The new Bentley Continental GTC has been described by Durheimer as having, “Uncompromising quality, striking and contemporary design, unparalleled craftsmanship and unrivalled comfort, combined with breathtaking performance.” And Bentley enthusiasts will get to see this new automobile up close and personally at the IAA this year.

Bentley is pleased to share that the new Bentley Continental GTC has, “Sharper lines, striking front headlamps and an upright mesh grille that give this open-topped four-seater its muscular appearance.” The makers of Bentley are sure that these key features of the convertible car will turn heads where ever it goes.

Bentley claims that its craftsmanship is like no other. As each vehicle is carefully hand-crafted to perfection with a “range of exquisite wood veneers, cool-touch metals and sumptuous hides” it allows each Bentley customer to almost build their own Bentley interior to their exact specifications to suit his/her own style and taste. This is just another way that Bentley feels it cannot be matched by any other car-maker.

The new Bentley Continental GTC convertible has added more luxury features than the car that came before it. Durheimer is proud to announce that some of the additional improvements to the 2011 Bentley are its “everyday practicality of the luxury convertible - with added legroom in the rear and innovative touches in equipment such as the new neck warmer feature, which ensures comfort whenever the hood is down and whatever the temperature. When closed, the tailor-made, multi-layer fabric hood ensures Bentley's much admired open-top elegance is retained.”

Bentley Motors Limited is a British manufacturer of automobiles founded in January 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley. Making vehicles to encompass class, sophistication, beauty and luxury, Bentley manufactured the new Bentley GTC with the key principle in mind: to produce a vehicle that is simply a pleasure to drive.

Durheimer shared that, “Our Bentley engineers in Crewe were faced with the challenge of building a luxury sports convertible, which combines the thrill of open-top motoring with breath-taking performance - whatever your mood and whatever the road.”