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New Fisker Surf shooting brake concept to Frankfurt 2011

While the Fisker Karma electric-hybrid luxo-performance sedan is getting ever closer to meeting its production deadline, the newest conceptual model from the innovative automaker is due to make its grand debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show with the introduction of the new Fisker Surf.

Shown in the image on the right, the Fisker Surf will apply the shooting brake treatment to the familiar front end and side design of the production-bound Fisker Karma sedan. Americans might call it a station wagon but shooting brake sounds SO much cooler – and this car deserves a cool name. If the Surf Concept shares the Fisker Karma’s drivetrain, it will offer both a 50 mile emission-free electric range with a gasoline powered support engine that helps this luxury sedan put down a whopping 403 horsepower; also allowing the car to travel up around 300 miles on a single tank of gasoline. By the way, the Fisker Karma electric drivetrain also creates a stunning 981lb-ft of torque that allows this high end luxury sedan to scream from 0-60 in around 6 seconds. Not an incredibly fast time in comparison to some of the other performance luxury cars on the market but how many of them offer 50 miles of emission free driving? None.

The only image that Fisker has offered of the upcoming Surf Concept is the dark shot shown on the right which clearly shows sideline styling similar to that of the Karma, with a long, sloping windshield and a long bonnet that will likely give way to a similar front end to that found on the Karma. Based on what Fisker Automotive has brought to the table in the past, we can expect the new Surf Concept to pack the same ultra high end interior finishes with premium leather and wood surfaces. Fisker has used the Karma platform in the past to show off their possible versatility with models like the Fisker Sunset luxury performance sedan making its rounds of the auto show circuit a few years back so the Surf Concept could give us an idea of new models coming in the not-so-distant future.

The automaker’s first task is to start delivering production model Fisker Karma sedans to the various global markets and after that, production of the upcoming Project Nina is expected to take place at the company’s Delaware production facility.

Fisker has mentioned on Facebook that there will be more images of the Surf Concept ahead of the September 13th debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show when we can expect a full complement of pictures and information about the new concept. Stay tuned to for all of your breaking automotive news including coverage of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show!

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