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The Mercedes Benz F125! Concept unveiled ahead of Frankfurt

Mercedes Benz hasn’t had much to say about what they are planning to unveil this week at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show but thanks to the Italian site Omni Autos, we have a look at the new Mercedes Benz F125! Concept that is expected to make its debut later this week in Frankfurt – with the German automaker is calling on a high tech powertrain and their distinctive gullwing door style.


The new Mercedes Bens F125! Concept, set to debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, is said to offer a look at what the German automaker has in mind for the 2025 CL-Class, which currently serves as the premium coupe lineup with room for 4 adults. Like the current CL lineup, the F125! Concept offers the seating room of a sedan in the form of a coupe but unlike the current models, this sleek Mercedes Benz concept uses a set of massive gullwing doors to offer easy entry for front and rear riders – while also offering a hefty dose of Benz styling to draw attention to this auto show debut. If you look at the lines of the F125!, you can see the current CL class echoed, especially along the top line of the car that flows from the front to the rear with the massive greenhouse tucked behind the short bonnet and that shortish front end is what really makes the F125! differ from the current CL models (with the exception of the aggressive front and rear fascia). This short hood area is thanks to the innovative drivetrain that moves the engine out of the engine bay.

While Mercedes Benz F125! as we see it in the gallery on the right may look like your typical eye-catching concept that will never see production – the F125! (the exclamation point is part of the car’s name) shows off a possible future design with performance added via an innovative hydrogen drive system. Behind each of the huge wheels sits an electric engine, with those four engines drawing their power from hydrogen fuel cells with this all wheel drive powertrain putting 231 horsepower to the ground – allowing the F125! To dash from 0-60 in under 4 seconds while hitting a top speed of 137 miles per hour. More impressively, this Mercedes Benz concept uses minimal levels of hydrogen so the F125! is capable of traveling over 600 miles on a single fill up. That being said, the hydrogen fuel infrastructure is not built up well enough to make this type of vehicle enticing to consumers but keep in mind that this is supposed to be a look at the 2025 CL-Class so over the next 14 years, we could see hydrogen become a more viable fuel for automobiles and should that happen, the folks at Daimler will be ready.

Check out the gallery on the right courtesy of Omni Auto and stay tuned to for more news from the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Source: Omni Auto via Autoblog