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Latest Toyota FT-86 Concept coming to Frankfurt

Toyota has shown off their new FT-86 Concept in the past but when the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show opens next week, the Japanese automaker will roll out their newest version of the FT-86 II – although it is yet another concept version.


The Toyota FT-86 Concept is the result of the joint effort between Toyota and Subaru, utilizing Toyota’s architecture and Subaru’s Boxer engine. The Subaru version, currently being called the BRZ (Boxer engine, Rear wheel drive, Zeta platform) will make its first public appearance at the Frankfurt show with the newest concept of the Toyota version being offered to perhaps let show-goers see how different the two vehicles are.

Little is known about the Toyota FT-86 Concept coming to the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show but rumors indicate that this version will be lighter and faster than the FT-86 II Concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Even though Toyota brought the FT-86 in what looked to be near-production ready form in Geneva, very little is known about the car other than the fact that it will be rear wheel drive with a naturally aspirated 2.0L Subaru Boxer engine mated to a manual transmission. Based on that information, the FT-86 may not be a drag strip superstar but with reports of a chassis that yields perfect weight distribution, the FT-86 should be an incredibly capable vehicle when it hits the twisties.

Unfortunately, while Toyota has offered a teaser of the FT-86 Concept coming to Frankfurt, they still have not offered any timeframe as to when there will be a production version coming to American showrooms. With any luck, Subaru’s unveiling of their BRZ Concept in Frankfurt could offer us some idea as to what type of specifications we can hope to see from this pair of rear wheel drive performance coupes. Many of the rumors have suggested that Subaru and Toyota will both rely on naturally aspirated engines (blasphemy for performance minded Subaru owners) although the whisperings of the internet suggest that while the initial Toyota FT-86 and Subaru BRZ could come with NA engines, turbocharged engines will be offered at a later date – likely as TRD and STi models (more likely from the Subaru).

Speculation aside, the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show opens to the media next Tuesday (September 13th) so in less than a week’s time, we might just have some concrete specs on the Toyota FT-86 and Subaru BRZ concepts. Check out the video below for a look at Toyota’s newest teaser video of the FT-86 and stay tuned to TorqueNews for all of your breaking Frankfurt news!

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