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How Hennessey Transforms the Ford F250 into a 650hp SUV

The folks at Hennessey Performance have created a new package for the Ford F250 Super Duty that transforms one of the toughest trucks on the market into one of the biggest, baddest SUVs on the market – with power levels topping 650 horsepower for the gas engine and 880lb-ft of torque for those with the PowerStroke diesel.


While Hennessey Performance is best known for their high performance sports cars, the company has built more than their fair share of high performance trucks in the past few years and this time, they have turned their attention to the Ford F250 Super Duty. However, rather than just making a fast pickup truck, Hennessey took the F250 VelociRaptor to the next level, transforming the f250 into a modern day Ford Excursion…if the Excursion had been built to conquer pretty much any obstacle.

A Modern Day Excursion
If you do not recall the Ford Excursion, it was a super-sized SUV built on the Super Duty platform from 1999-2005. It was basically a Ford F250 pickup with a roofline that extended to the rear of the bed, which allowed for three rows of seats, plenty of cargo space and all of the capabilities that you get with the Super Duty. I’ve logged a few thousand miles on an Excursion pulling a horse trailer and the big beast really did an awesome job of combining the interior of a big SUV with the working properties of a heavy duty pickup. Unfortunately, the Excursion was expensive and incredibly non-fuel friendly, so after the 2005 model year, it was removed from the Ford lineup.

Hennessey Creates a High Performance Excursion
While the name Excursion doesn’t appear anywhere on the new Hennessey VelociRaptor F250, what the Texas tuner has done is create their take on what the Excursion would be if it still existed today. They did so by taking a new Ford F250 and modifying the cab to reach all of the way to the back of the bed, while the bed itself was converted into a third row of seats and a cargo area – just like the old Excursions. In addition to adding the third row of seats and transforming the bed into a proper SUV cargo area, Hennessey swaps out the tailgate for a pair of outward-swinging doors (just like the Ford Excursion).

Finally, no Hennessey vehicle would be complete without some high performance upgrades, so for those Ford F250-turned VelociRaptor SUV owners who have the 6.2L gas engine, you can opt for upgrade packages that lift the output up to 650 horsepower. Those PowerStroke owners also get a bump in power, up to 440 horsepower and 880lb-ft of torque, so while the diesel models don’t get as big of an increase – they still pack some serious power.

Big Problem? Big Price
The only real problem with the Hennessey VelociRaptor F250 SUV conversion is the price, as transforming a new Super Duty into a full sized, heavy duty SUV costs upwards of $150,000. Also, the conversion takes around 6 months, so if you have a new Super Duty pickup, you have $150k to burn and you don’t mind being without your truck for a half a year in order to end up with one of the nastiest SUVs on the road – hit up Hennessey as soon as possible to book your build.