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Honda recalls 2011 Odyssey minivans – again

Last week, American Honda recalled over 33,000 2011 Odyssey minivans for a problem with the windshield wiper controls and with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda has now issued another recall for the 2011 Odyssey minivans – this time for a problem with the power front window assemblies.


While there hasn’t been much in-depth detail as to what is causing the problem forcing Honda to recall select 2011 Odyssey minivans, it seems to be a group from a small period in production as only 2,800 units are affected. In these recalled Honda Odysseys, the front passenger and driver’s window glass could be prone to come out of the track operated by the electric motor. Once the glass slips out of the track, depending on what is happening when the glass comes free the window could get stuck in the up or down position.

The NHTSA bulletin states that in the window could shatter, possibly causing injury to passengers of the 2011 Honda Odyssey and while this may seem extreme, once the glass is free of the lower track it can flop around and the action of trashing around – especially at speed – greatly increases the chance of the glass shattering. Due to the fact that Honda hasn’t provided any in-depth detail on this recall, there is no indication as to exactly what is causing or allowing the glass to work loose but this could be a problem with no advanced warning so if you have one of these vehicles, it’s best to check with your dealership and see if your Honda minivan is affected.

The new 2011 Honda Odyssey recall is expected to begin on tax day (April 15, 2011) when owners will be notified via US mail to return to their local Honda dealership where the glass will be replaced.

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Source: NHTSA