2015 Chevrolet Camaro Spring Special Edition
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Help Chevrolet Name the 2015 Spring Special Edition Camaro

General Motors has offered up the first look at the 2015 Chevrolet Spring Special Edition Camaro in a new Emerald Green exterior hue that has not been used on the Camaro before and in honor of National Name Your Car Day – Chevy wants your help in naming this dark green muscle car.

Early this morning, the Chevrolet Camaro Facebook page showed a super close up view of what was obviously a Camaro grill in black and white. The post explained that the colorless teaser was part of a National Name Your Car Day promotion that invites fans of the Facebook page to offer up names for the new 2015 Spring Special Edition Camaro.

A few hours later, the Chevrolet Camaro Facebook page posted another picture of the 2015 Spring Special Edition Camaro – this time showing the whole car in full color and the ideas for a name began flowing once fans saw this stunning dark metallic green muscle car.

The 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Spring Special Edition
While the details on the new 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Spring Special Edition are very limited right now, the sole image of the customized muscle car tells us a few things. First and foremost, the Spring Special Edition Camaro is the first to wear the striking Emerald Green Metallic with even the hood vents painted to match and serving as a perfect accent to the dark green is a set of bright silver stripes on the hood and trunk. Next, we can see that the Spring Special Edition Camaro wears a sportier body package that includes a front chin spoiler and side sills, but I would imagine that it also adds some unique flare to the back end as well. Finally, this customized 2015 Camaro wears a set of bright polished aluminum wheels from the accessories catalog.

From the sounds of things, this Spring Special Edition Camaro will be introduced with its new name at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and if this is going to be a proper SEMA car, I would also expect some additions inside and under the hood – even if those features are limited to a unique colored leather interior and perhaps a body colored engine cover. GM could sneak in some high performance upgrades from the current accessory catalog as well, but if nothing else, this Spring Special will be a head turner with its unique exterior design.

Help Name the Spring Special Edition Camaro
October 2nd is National Name Your Car Day and to celebrate this unusual holiday, GM wants fans of their Facebook page to offer up names for the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Spring Special Edition. They haven’t stated what the winner will get for introducing the name that is chosen and announced as the winner at SEMA, but the post said that there could be a surprise for the inventor of the chosen name.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the name choices submitted thus far focus on the unique exterior color of the Spring Special Edition Camaro. Some of my favorites are “The Hulk” (which could be subject to some sort of copyright law), The Green Machine, The Gemstone Edition, The Green Arrow (another possible copyright concern), Green Envy and many others – with my favorite being the “Great and Powerful Oz” – only because it is so different from the rest. Unfortunately, I have to wonder if that name also wouldn’t create some copyright concerns for GM.

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In any case, you can visit the Chevrolet Camaro Facebook page to take your shot at naming the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Spring Special Edition and if you want to see this uniquely green muscle car in moving pictures, check out the GM video below.

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It'll never happen but the "Bitchin" Camaro would generate a lot of buzz...
if you happen to be irish, you need to purchase (THE GREEN HORNET CAMARO), I am going to trade in my 2014 bright red Camaro, which i'v had no problems with. it runs fine and goes as fast as I want to travel and its pretty good on fuel milage.i would recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants a nice looking sport model auto.(CAMARO).
The 2015 green Camaro should be named "GRAMARO".
Camaro Cheeta
N/V should be the new name because the rest of the world turning green with envy.
I have two possible names for the car. 1.KATO (kato camaro after the green hornets partner Bruce Lee) 2. Second idea is ShamROCK. I mean its green and the rock capilized would work.
Great looking car. Yenko Yenko/Z Yenko/stage3 or(Y3) It has all the power and the performance so why not. Plus u can offer the colors from that time 67-69 for a limited edition (with power options)
i think chevy camaro Careen should be considered as being a descriptive word for the word Movement meaning fast , would be a suitable fit, if ur looking for a nickname or an actual name to put on the car think about it... Careen !!
Name it "Ole"
Why not call it straight out " HULK "
Hulk would be perfect...he's a beast like the Camaro, Hulk takes orders from no one like the Camaro, Hulk will annihilate any one who gets in his way just like the Camaro and they are both green.
Mean Green
Emerald Lighting!!
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May I have permission to download a Chevrolet image for a school assignment.
You are welcome to use the image of this Chevy Camaro Jaden for a school assignment.