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GM issues 2012 Chevy Sonic recall for missing brake pads

General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have announced a fresh recall of select 2012 Chevrolet Sonic models because they may have been assembled without the proper number of brake pads – which could potentially lead to more damage to the braking system and decreased braking abilities.

The new brake pad recall for the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic affects 4,296 vehicles sold in the United States while another 577 were sold in Canada, with all of the vehicles included in this recall built between June 2nd, 2011 and November 21st, 2011 at GM’s Orion Township Assembly Plant just north of Detroit. On these recalled 2012 Sonic hatchbacks and sedans, General Motors believes that the vehicle could be missing either an inner or outer brake pad on the front end.

A 2012 Chevrolet Sonic being driven without a front brake pad will still be able to stop but depending on which pad is missing, there will be varying amounts of decreased braking performance. Over time, the lack of the brake pad will quickly cause massive damage to the other components, beginning with the damage done to the brake rotor by the contact it is making with the caliper cylinder (if the inside pad is missing) or the caliper itself (if the outside pad is missing). Generally, as the car is driven without a brake pad, the outer side of the caliper or the caliper piston will begin to dig through the brake rotors which will rapidly destroy the rotor while also doing damage to the caliper itself. This problem should cause the Sonic to make some pretty unfriendly noises before the owner gets to the point that they will completely lose braking abilities but when this type of problem is left to go unattended, enough damage can be done that it breaks into the fluid areas of the brake caliper. When that happens – the car will vastly lose braking abilities. It also can get to be very expensive to replace these items but luckily, GM has caught the problem and is recalling them right away…thus removing the safety risk and the cost of repairing the problem from the owners.

There is some good news with the new 2012 Chevy Sonic brake pad recall. First, there have been no reported accidents or injuries from this problem and second, out of the 4,873 Sonic models potentially affected in North America, GM believes that only 20 or 30 vehicles may be missing a brake pad. The recall is expected to formally begin on or before January 14th, 2011 at which point GM will ask those owners to return to their friendly neighborhood dealership to have their braking system inspected. In most cases, all of the pads will be there and the owner will be right back on their way but for those few missing the pads – a certified GM mechanic will apply new pads while also replacing any damaged calipers or rotors caused by the lack of a brake pad.

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UAW workers and inspectors! Now tell me again why they got a sign-on bonus, and better medical benefits with less cost than anyone else? That's why GM should have a risk/reward system like they had at Saturn. It's called having skin in the game.
I bought American once, it was a bad experience. It's why I now buy Japanese American.
While your point on Chevy Sonic may make sense, I am still amazed on GM handled the battery problem of Chevy Volt. The company took full responsibility. Mistakes happen to any company. Most carmakers have had recalls. You can't avoid not being perfect. What matters is this, how the company handles the recall. Does it take full responsibility or no.
The wonderful benefits of a half wage plant. While these cars should have never left the plant, the brake assemblies are outsourced to be put together, probably at half wage also.
From working at this plant i can assure you that the person who puts the brake pads on the car is a gm line worker not outsourced making either tier two ($16/hr) or tier one ($29/hr.) Not some underpaid employee. Look mistakes happen unfortunately this never should have 20 or 30i units while producing 700 units a day is most likely because they ran out the plant supervisor probably pushed them through as to not shut the line down and forgot to double check that any unit pushed through due to lack of parts, non conforming etc, wasnt corrected. Most likely its a product if piss poor do anything for money attitude that the management takes. Do you think that they will fire the plant manager for pushig these units through? Nope.. Were just trying to make quota her job depends on that ... much like mine and everyone else...
This Is all just a cover up whoever wrote this is talking out there ass. Me and my two month old son were driving one of your Chevy sonics a couple weeks ago and i went to slow down and my brake stuck to the floor and wouldnt come back up, causing me to fishtail and go into a ditch head first through a telephone pole then the pole fell on top of my car. According to the police We both should be dead. And according to the dealership it came back as a flaw with the car. Now We have no car so no transportation the only car We can get is a stupid sonic Why would be want a deathtrap for a car. You need to learn how to do your jobs if you cant do it right dont do it at all. I had a fracture in my leg. Sincerly, pissoffed owner of a deathtrap YOU MADE
I bought a 1.6 Ls Sonic sedan 2012 in June and started noticing that the brakes lock when you go on a slope and if i try to push them down, the car accelerates downhill. The wash wipers are also not working, of you add water, you still can't get the fluid to come out and clean your screen. GM is having a look at the car but I am not sure if I still want it back especially after you horrifying experience which made me to think of my daughter too. it's interesting that they count places where recalls have taken place but nothing has happened here in South Africa
Hi there I bought the Chev Sonic 1.4 LS in March 2012 everything was going well untill it reached 13000km the car had a noise on the syspention. the noise only got louder and louder and now the brakes are failing!! the dealer can not pic up the problem and GM SA refuses to replace the car or refund me they insist on repairing the vehicle. Its been 4 weeks and no repairs has been done. GM SA said the car is SAVE to drive eventhough the brakes fails from time to time. I even reported GM to the MIO ombud and they had 7 days to respond which was over by today and still I am stuck with the vehicle. I emailed GM in America who send me back to GM SA who does not want to help us something must be done!!!!!
I agree the 2012 Sonic is a death trap. My husband owned one for 2 months. Itwas sent from Michigan by GM as a replacement for a lemon HHR. Driving on a hill the car went out of brakes. He had to brake it against a mountain or go over the side. The car flipped and was totalled. My husband and two friends are lucky to be alive also. Imagine 2 GM cars in 10 months that we were able to drive 3 months. One worse than the other. Somebody is getting rich by outsourcing and killing poor people who still think they can get what they pay for. What happened to the PT Cruiser?
G.M. Should be flushed down the drain before they kill anybody else! They build crappy cars and employ mechanics that can't fix them. I've owned their crap and they should be ashamed-they're not of course and they charge full price. I guess we can only expect so much skill from 3rd world 10 Year olds.