The 2012 Ford F150 Raptor in action
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Ford introduces a new jump-free spot for the 2012 SVT Raptor F150

Ford Motor Company and the Special Vehicle Team have introduced a few changes for the 2012 Ford F150 SVT Raptor and unlike the earlier videos that show the Raptor soaring through the air – this new online video segment shows the SVT pickup storming through the mud, dirt and water with few looks at the high performance pickup leaving the ground.

The commercials for the Ford F150 Raptor over the past few years have worked to show off how amazingly capable the Raptor is, from tearing through waist deep mud to taking flight off of sand dunes. The problem is that when hardcore off-roaders got to jumping their Raptors as is shown in the various Ford videos, the trucks were not standing up to the abuse. Even though the videos show these trucks (presumably in stock form) easily jumping in all sorts of venues actual owners found that when they jumped their trucks time and time again, the chassis of these high performance trucks failed to hold their structural integrity. Needless to say, the owners who bought these trucks expecting to immediately begin off-road racing were disappointed to find that when you put these trucks through enough abuse – even the toughest trucks will face component failure.

Ford passed off these problems as the results of abuse, pointing out that in their videos they show the F150 Raptor hopping more than soaring through the air and those who are experiencing chassis failures are jumping far too high off of the ground. The latest video even includes a couple shots of these trucks getting a couple inches off of the ground but you won’t see any high flying antics like we have in prior SVT Raptor videos.

What the new video (included below) does show is the 2012 Ford SVT F150 Raptor ripping through a variety off road settings. We get to see the 2012 Raptor using all 411 horsepower as it tears along a dry offroad area along with slamming into deep mud and water – all the time coming out without any problem. Ford also uses this video to show off the new features of the 2012 Raptor, including the new 4.10 ratio Torsen front differential, the front aiming camera with a spray system to remove mud while also reminding everyone of the items that makes the Raptor special; like the hill descent control system, the Fox internal bypass shocks and the powerful 6.2L V8.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the 2012 Ford F150 SVT Raptor in action!

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just baught the cab and a half raptor 2011 There are only 3 in my country Haiti I lOOOOVE it. the best car . My old truck was a f 350 nothing to do with the raptor i go everywhere with it day car rallye car ...