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First OEM Android-powered infotainment system coming to Saab

The rabid success of Google’s Android operating system in phones and tablets has caused a great many rumors about an Android-based automotive infotainment system and thanks to a short video from Saab, we have a good look at the first factory-equipped mobile Android operating system – Saab’s IQon.

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The short video shown before would lead you to believe that the new Android operating system will be equipped in the upcoming new Saab 9-5, although some reports state that it will first appear in the next Saab 9-3. The IQon infotainment system will function very much like today’s Smartphones and personal tablets using Android-based software, with an 8” touch screen allowing the user to ‘swipe’ from screen to screen to access an incredible library of options.

Saab’s IQon infotainment system allows you to search the net, store and access all of your favorite songs, while offering touch-screen control of the stereo system, navigation, HVAC controls and a huge spread of vehicle information readouts using over 500 sensors around the car. In short, the Saab IQon system takes the abilities of a modern Android tablet and integrates them with all of the controls that you would expect from a modern touch-screen system – all accessed by an 8” high definition touch screen.

The hardware of the Saab IQon made a debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in the sexy new Saab Phoenix Concept but only a limited portion of the operating system was functional. However, the video below gives you a very quick walk-through of the IQon system in action with the video beginning and ending with a look at the next Saab 9-5. The video gives us a great look at the simple functionality of the new IQon Android system as the driver surfs the web, scrolls through a collection of available Apps, adjusts the interior temperature and accesses the vehicle’s navigation system.

We will have to wait a while to find out exactly what vehicle will be the first to market with an Android-based infotainment system as there are rumors of multiple companies looking to use this technology but for the time being, the new Spyker-owned Saab is the first company to show off this cutting edge vehicle control system.

Check out the video below for a look at the Saab IQon system in action and the gallery below features the Saab Phoenix Concept from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

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