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Spyker sells Spyker Cars, keeps Saab

Dutch supercar builder Spyker surprised the world last year when they purchased Swedish luxury brand Saab from General Motors but today, they made an even more surprising announcement as they have sold the Spyker Cars brand to CPP Global Holdings Ltd. – the British company who has been producing a large portion of the chassis and body panels for Spyker since they re-opened in 2000.

It has been a rocky 11 years for the modern Spyker brand, with their luxurious supercars carrying the company past failed efforts like the Spyker F1 team. Spyker has come up with 10 models (production and concept) since hitting the market in late 1999 but these hand-built supercars are fairly low volume vehicles and that doesn’t make for a particularly profitable business. However, in purchasing the Saab brand, Spyker has a real chance of making a strong entry into the US market with a vehicle lineup with an already-positive brand perception.

Since Spyker began selling cars over a decade ago, CPP Global Holdings Ltd. Has been producing the chassis and body panels for all Spyker vehicles and starting in 2009, CPP is responsible for the production of the C8 Aileron. Based on their heavy involvement with the Spyker brand, it is no surprise that CPP would be interested in a bigger piece of the pie but what does this mean for the future of the Spyker company and Saab?

Even though Saab wasn’t a huge success for General Motors, Spyker plans to use a handful of new GM-designed (and powered) Saab models while the company moves forward with their own internal design process. The near-death of the Saab brand stirred an amazing amount of enthusiasm in the brand and provided that Spyker can build on what little momentum the Saab brand has right now, shedding the high priced and low volume Spyker Cars division will allow the company to focus on turning a profit with the Saab brand around the world.

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