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General Motors denies $3 billion Spyker suit

General Motors has reportedly dismissed the allegations presented by former Saab brand parent company Spyker after the struggling Swedish automaker filed a $3 billion dollar suit against GM for making moves to intentionally bankrupt the Saab brand when the American automaker refused to approve the sale of the Saab brand to Chinese investors.
The Spyker D8 P2P

Chinese firm Youngman to help Spyker build the Saab 9-3 - sort of

Spyker has announced that Chinese firm Youngman Lotus plans to invest more than $43 million US dollars (€35,000,000 Euros) in the Spyker brand to help build the Spyker D8 SUV along with a new midsized car based on the Phoenix architecture that was going to underpin the next generation Saab 9-3.

Spyker to become Swedish Automobile N.V.

Spyker has made some interesting moves over the past year, including buying the struggling Saab brand and selling off the Spyker brand to focus on Saab – only to run out of money and go on a desperate hunt for investors to resume production – and now it looks like the company will make another big move as they rename themselves Swedish Automobile N.V.

Spyker sells part of Saab to Chinese Hawtai Motors

Saab resumed production at their Trollhattan facility yesterday after an April plagued with downtime due to the inability to pay suppliers and today, Spyker announced that Chinese automaker Hawtai Motor Group had invested 150 million Euros (roughly $222 million USD) – allowing Saab to pay its suppliers and send workers back into the production facilities.

Spyker may join forces with Chinese to save Saab, GM approves Russian investor

Saab has seen its Trollhattan, Sweden production facility shuttered for most of April due to inability to pay suppliers for the components needed to produce vehicles and with the parent company Spyker desperate for funding, the company is looking to Russian investor Vladimir Antonov along with a variety of Chinese automakers to save the Saab brand.

Spyker announces new C8 Aileron GT racer

The folks at Spyker have been very busy over the past few months showing off new Saab models around the world (with some of those beginning production) along with selling the Spyker cars brand to the company that had been producing the chassis and body panels for the company but that hasn’t stopped them from planning a new Spyker race car based on the C8 Aileron.

Spyker sells Spyker Cars, keeps Saab

Dutch supercar builder Spyker surprised the world last year when they purchased Swedish luxury brand Saab from General Motors but today, they made an even more surprising announcement as they have sold the Spyker Cars brand to CPP Global Holdings Ltd. – the British company who has been producing a large portion of the chassis and body panels for Spyker since they re-opened in 2000.