Fireball Camaro Goes 9.00
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Fireball Camaro Runs a 9.00 Quarter Mile - Setting the 6g Camaro Record

The “Fireball Camaro” was back in action this past weekend and after being the first 6th generation Camaro to run in the 10s and 9s, this monster muscle car has set the new record for the quickest and fastest modern Camaro in the quarter mile with a time of 9.003 at 149.03 miles per hour.

Over the past few years, we have featured the “Fireball Camaro” on multiple occasions. This was the crew who built the first 6th generation Camaro SS to run in the 10-second range and the 9-second range, and based on their success building up the new LT1 in the 2016+ Camaro, the crew began offering a pair of aftermarket performance packages named the Fireball 700 and the Fireball 900.

Making the Fireball packages even more attractive is the fact that you can order an already-built Fireball 700 or 900 Camaro from Eskridge Chevrolet in Oklahoma, with the Fireball 700 starting at $52,000 and the Fireball 900 starting at $90,000.

In short, we have talked a great deal about the Fireball Camaro since the newest generation of the Chevy muscle car hit the street because there has been plenty to discuss.

Well, the Fireball Camaro is back to trending on social media, this time for setting the record for the quickest and fastest 6th generation Camaro in the quarter mile – coming within 4 thousandths of a second from being the first new Camaro in the 8-second range.

The Fireball Camaro Runs a 9.00
This past weekend, the Fireball Camaro took to the track at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma, to see what their bright red Chevrolet muscle car could do with the latest tuning efforts.

The results were impressive, as the Fireball Camaro got down the quarter mile drag strip quicker than any other 6th gen Camaro before it.

As you can see in the video below, the Fireball Camaro laid down an incredible ET of 9.00 at 149.03 miles per hour and when we get a closer look at the time slip at the end of the video, we can see that this Camaro run a 9.003. That is 4 thousandths of a second from breaking in to the 8-second range. This smokin’ quick time was made possible in part by a 60 foot time of 1.362, leaving no question that this Camaro is hooking hard on launch.

According to the Fireball team, no 6th gen Camaro has run quicker than a 9.003 or run a better trap speed than 149 miles per hour – making this the quickest and fastest 6th gen Camaro in the quarter mile.

Details on the Quickest Quarter Mile 6g Camaro
As the video showing the Fireball Camaro has made its round through the Facebook groups, many people are mistaking the Fireball Camaro for one of the Fireball 900 package cars. This is not one of the Camaros with the Fireball 900 package, but rather, this is the shop car that the Fireball team has used to test new items for their consumer packages. It is equipped with many of the components of the Fireball 900 package, but this car is even more powerful than the Fireball 900 – and this car doesn’t have the package-specific exterior components.

Other than the different wheels and tires, the key functional differences between this Fireball Camaro and the Fireball 900 Camaro that you can buy from Eskridge Chevrolet are a nitrous oxide setup and a beefed up torque convertor. This car surely has a unique tuning setup as well as sticky tires on lightweight wheels, but the bottom line is that this Camaro is not one of the cars that you can buy from the Oklahoma Chevy dealership. Without doing some extra work, the Fireball 900 Camaro won’t run 9.00s, but this video shows the potential of this package with the aid of some nitrous and a stronger torque convertor.

Most importantly, in speaking with a member of the Fireball Camaro team, I found that they are still having issues with the transmission slipping just enough to keep them out of the 8s. They are currently working with Circle D on a triple disc torque convertor which should hold all of the power and if it does – the Fireball Camaro will be the first 6th gen Camaro to run in the 8-second range.

If this Fireball Camaro test car breaks into the 8s, you will be sure to hear about it here on, but in the meantime, check out the video below of their Camaro setting the record with a run of 9.00.

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