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Chinese Chevrolet Camaro to debut at the Auto Shanghai 2011 with a new name

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most well-known names in the history of the American automotive industry but when General Motors’ famous sports car makes its debut in China it will known as the 科迈罗.


No, that isn’t “Camaro” in Chinese; those Chinese characters are pronounced Kē mài luō and while the literal translation is in question, GM states that Kē mài luō (科迈罗) is a “sonorous” Chinese name. That still doesn’t help? Well, sonorous means that something is capable of giving out a deep, resonant sound or full and loud and deep in sound. Based on that description from GM and a few definitions from around the web, it seems like GM of China is looking to use the Camaro’s reputation for being a loud, throaty muscle car when it hits the Chinese market.

The bad news for Chinese buyers is that when the Camaro (or科迈罗 if you prefer) hits Chinese shores, it will only be offered with the 3.6L V6 engine. This 312hp V6 will be available with either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission so it will still offer plenty of driving excitement for Chinese buyers and GM expects good things from the Chinese Camaro as the midsized luxury segment (evidently, the Camaro is a midsized luxury car in China) grew by almost 150% in 2010. There is no mention of the Camaro SS making the trip to China with its 426hp V8 but with the Chinese industry growing quickly, perhaps that market will get a shot at the LS3 V8 if the V6 models sell well enough.

The toughest part to stomach for those of us in the US will be the price, as the new Chevrolet 科迈罗 will set Chinese buyers back roughly 500,000 Yuan – or $76,267 with current exchange rates. That makes the Camaro V6 in China more than twice as much as the American version so if the V8 makes the trip to China in the future it could cost up around $100,000 USD.

Source: GM via Autoblog

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