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The Aston Martin Cygnet configurator is live

The Aston Martin Cygnet was designed to give the Aston Martin owner a chance to enjoy the luxury of the brand in a compact city car and as the high-luxury rebadged Toyota iQ has begun hitting the market, the configurator for the Cygnet has gone live.

Since the formal introduction, Aston Martin has faced some criticism about their decision to offer the Cygnet which is literally a rebadged Toyota iQ. Aston Martin boasts of being one of the top luxury performance automakers in the world so to differentiate their Cygnet from Toyota’s iQ, Aston offers an unbelievable level of customization. This allows owners to personalize their Cygnet city car to meet their exact tastes or perfectly match their Aston Martin touring car parked in their garage at home while they are dealing with the congestion of European city streets.

When the Aston Martin Cygnet configurator opens, you are given a good look at the compact city car with a small “wheel” at the bottom that allows you to spin the car on the screen. Above the image of the car is the black menu bar and when you pass over it, the customization options unfold. First, you pick your exterior color with 24 different choices including interesting options like Yellow Kangaroo, Black Bear, White Horse and Red Lion. Next, you pick whether you want the louvers in the hood (they call it a bonnet) and the rear diffuser to be the same color as the car or gloss black - spin the car to get a good look at your choices. The final option for the Aston Martin Cygnet lets you pick the wheels that you like best from their four choices (which is actually two choices each in two colors). When the configurator first loads, the Cygnet is fitted with the 16-spoke graphite finish wheels and if I were building one; I would stick with those wheels. However, if you want a little more flare you can get the same wheel style with a bright silver finish and if you don’t like the 16-spoke design, Aston also offers an 8-spoke design in graphite or silver.

Once you’ve designed the exterior of the Aston Martin Cygnet to your tastes, you head to the interior page and that is where the real customization begins. As the interior option bar opens, the full shot of the Cygnet is replaced by an over-the-shoulder look at the compact Aston’s dash, seats and door panel. The first option is whether you want a manual transmission or a CVT (automatic) and depending on which you select, the interior shot updates to either show a clutch pedal or the more intricate automatic shifter. You then move onto your primary interior color with 20 option – I’ve chosen Spicy Red – and when you make your pick the picture updates. Next, you go to your secondary color, which affects the middle door panel inserts and the center inserts of the seats. This secondary color offers six different types of material including Leather, Indented Leather, Quilted Leather, Alcantara, Plisse Alcantara and Glasgow Fabric; with a variety of color options under each choice providing a total of 76 different options for the door panels and seats. Once you have picked your primary and secondary color, you go on to select the color of stitching that you want holding together the high end interior of the Cygnet with 17 stitching color choices.

Now that you have picked your colors, you come to a section that offers you a chance to quickly switch back and forth between contrasting and matching stitch work…just to give you a look at the options back to back. Once you have used the “Upper Environment” box to make sure that you are happy with the stitch color choice on the dash and center console, you go onto the “Lower Environment”, where you make sure that you are happy with your panel and seat colors. Next, the Cygnet configurator lets you pick either your original stitch color choices on the seat inners and outers compared to a color-matching thread, and if you want your seat base to be matching and the door panels to be contrasting, the last few options in the interior section let you switch colors in and out. Finally, you select between Piano Black or Satin/Iridium for the color of your interior door handles and center stack trim – I went with Piano Black.

The image to the right offers a look at what I came up with in the Cygnet configurator and you can design your own Aston Martin Cygnet by clicking here.

Unlike some configurators that price the car out as you walk through, you will have to contact the folks at Aston Martin to find out just how much your dream Cygnet will cost but based on the original pricing announcement in January, the Toyota iQ-based Aston Martin Cygnet will set you back around $50,000 USD (£30,995). Click here for more on the Cygnet pricing.

Thanks to “Aston Martin Mike” for the heads up on this!

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