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Comparing Tesla Model 3 To Other Cars: Similarities and Differences

Sometimes you think you see a Tesla Model 3 from far away coming you way, be it in a video or in reality, but then you realize it's a Mazda, Posche or another vehicle. Has anyone else experienced this?

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In the above main picture you see Tesla model 3 image vs Mazda 3. Some people note similarities there. I don't see much similarity, but apparently the designer of the Model S used to work at Mazda. According to Elektrek Franz Von Holzhausen, Tesla’s Chief Designer, is credited for the design of each wheel, but longtime Tesla designer David Imai and Bernard Lee are also credited for the first Model 3 wheel design – United States Patent USD789860.

No wonder this is what we ead about Von Holzhausen in Wikipedia. "After taking his role at Mazda on February 21, 2005, von Holzhausen led the design of the Mazda Kabura concept car that debuted at the 2006 North American International Auto Show. Prior to this, von Holzhausen designed the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky while Design Director at General Motors. He then went on to work for the car company Tesla where he is now. He is also known for designing the new versions of Tesla cars including the Model S and the Model X."

I personally think Tesla Model 3's front looks like either a Porsche Panamera or Corvette Z06. Here is our previous coverage on this comparison titled: First Production Tesla Model 3 Reminds of Corvette and Audi (Pictures).

Here are few other comparisons. In the picture you will see Chevrolet Bolt compared to Tesla Model 3. Here is a detailed comparison of Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bot, including Nissan Leaf. it also includes their advantages and disadvantages.

In the next image you see Tesla Model 3 compared to BMW 4 Series. In fact, watch this video showing BMW M4 vs Tesla Model S P85D rolling-start drag race shootout.

And finally, let's make an inter company comparison. Here is Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model S P90. Here I would like to propose you to read also our two previous coverage on this subject. This article is titled Tesla Model 3 vs Used Model S and Model 3's Best Picture So Far. Yes, it was then the best picture of Model 3 available. Yet this article makes a different comparison. It's titled Tesla Model 3 vs Model S 60: Which One to Buy.

Do you find any similarities? If none, what do you think are some of the striking differences between Tesla Model 3 and the other vehicles except the fact that the first is an EV an most of the rest are ICE cars.

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