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First Production Tesla Model 3 HD Video Apears from Fremont Factory

Early this morning we got the first images of the first production Tesla Model 3 SN1. Now, just moments ago the first video of SN1 Model 3 appeared on YouTube.

I don't know how this video of the first production Tesla Model 3 SN1 appeared on YouTube, but videos like this shouldn't surprise us anymore as Model 3 is rolling off the assembly line exponentially increasing its production. Apparently Tesla did a small media event as we see few journalists actively taking pictures while some others video the car.

The video is in HD. It appears from the background that this is the parking lot of Tesla's Fremont factory.

Opinions on Model 3

Here are few comments that Tesla followers and enthusiasts left under the video.

"I was hoping they put the battery badge on the back, otherwise great video," wrote one Tesla enthusiast. Another person replied saying "I'm sure they will. When my car shipped (S #219), they didn't have that type of badging either. When it came out, my service center gave me the option to add it, but I declined."

If you noticed the doors sound nice and solid when they close.

Now we can't wait to see the interior of the Model 3.

I don't know about you, but the first production Model 3 reminds me of Corvette and Audi when looked from a side. Here is a detailed and picture-compared story explaining why I came to this conclusion. I just read another comment saying the Model 3 looks like a hatchback. Do you agree?

By the way, here is another video of two Tesla Model 3 vehicles spotted in Chinatown, San Francisco.