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Two Tesla Model 3 Cars Spotted In San Francisco, Shows Video Tweet

More and more Tesla Model 3 cars are being spotted in the wild. Here is a new tweet video that one person just shared on Twitter, from Chinatown in San Francisco


While millions of Tesla Model 3 fans are waiting for Elon Musk's promised announcement today to give more update on Tesla Model 3 production and the delivery schedule one person named Jake Chen shared this tweet video showing two Tesla Model 3 cars spotted in the wild. One is a dark blue color, the other is a white color.

Jake Chen, who just tweeted this video and whose Twitter page says he is from Cambridge, MA, who just tweeted the video, wrote to TorqueNews that it was taken in Chinatown, San Francisco. You can also see the Chinese language advertising billboards on the streets of San Francisco. The video was taken this evening, few moments before the publication of this article.

Recently, on June 26 another image surfaced showing a Tesla Model 3 in Auckland, New Zealand. It was probably taken there for a photo shoot for an advertisement.

Everyone hopes that a new Tesla Model 3 announcement will come very soon and those people who have made preorders and hold reservations will know a little more about the production and the delivery schedule of the Model 3. In the meantime, Model 3's closest competitor, the improved 2018 Nissan Leaf has announced a September 6 launch date.