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Tesla Model 3 Configurator Leak: Real or Fake?

This video on Youtube shows what appears to be a Tesla Model 3 configurator, but we don't know if it's real or fake. What do you think?

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This model 3 configurator doesn't show anything that we already don't know. Thus, I don't know why this would be fake and not real. On the other hand it's hard to read the small font, but what about interior fabric and the vegan option?

Apparently the fabric is not an option yet. You must take the $5K premium package which includes the vegan seating.

I was searching online and some people write that the pictures in this configurator pictures are based on the same photos posted by a Tesla Employee on twitter.

Tesla Model 3 has already embarked on an assembly line in Fremont, CA. In August, the company of Elon Musk will produce 100 Model 3 sedans, in September 1,500 and exponentially reach 20,000 unites per month in December of this year.

The first batch of 50 cars have already been transferred to the buyers, who are Tesla employees. The remaining American customers, who have placed their pre-orders before the start of the production, will begin to receive their Model 3 sedans starting in October of 2017.

Tesla plans to release the all-wheel drive version of Model 3 in the spring of 2018. Starting the second half of 2018 Model 3 will go to other markets, internationally.

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