Scotty Kilmer discussing Toyota Tacoma 4-cylinder vs 6-cylinder engines
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Scotty Kilmer Explains When To Buy a 4-Cylinder vs a 6-Cylinder Toyota Tacoma

Recently a popular car youtuber Scotty Kilmer made a video discussing different types of Toyota Tacoma truck engines and comparing 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma trucks vs 6-cylinder ones.

One of Scotty's subscribers sent him a question saying should h buy a 4-cylinder Tacoma or a V6.

"I would say get a 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma," said Kilmer. "My son looked at them all and he bought a 4-cylinder Tacoma because it was many many thousands of dollars cheaper than the 6-cylinder Tacoma. And the actual towing capacity and carrying capacity of the bed was not that different at all. Plus, the 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma gets better gas mileage and he's really happy. He lives in Tennessee. He's really happy with his 4-cylinder Tacoma," said Scotty.

He also added that hauling also comes into the play when deciding between a 4-cylinder vs a 6-cylinder Tacomas.

"Now, if you were really into hauling really heavy stuff lets say a trailer and stuff, yeah, you would probably want to go with the V6 engine. However, the 4-cylinder Tacoma for most people is a better, all around better vehicle. Also, the 4-cylinder Toyota Tacomas cost a lot less," he added in the comment.

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I reached out to Torque News Toyota reporter Jeff Teague, another prominent Toyota Youtuber, known as ToyotaJeff and asked his opinion as well. Jeff's opinion is a little different. Here is what he wrote me.

"The majority of Tacoma owners will find their sweet spot with the V6 Tacoma engine. It has good power, is relatively smooth and quiet. And the V6 Tacoma engine can tow up to 6,800 pounds," wrote Jeff to Torque News.

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"The 4-cylinder option is ideal for those customers who have a set budget at the lower end of the truck spectrum. You can get a 4-cylinder Tacoma for just under $26,000 starting price. It's a solid 2.7-liter engine, although a touch under-powered. It can still pull 3,500 pounds," he added.

In fact, check out one of his recent stories, discussing everything you need to know about 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road vs TRD Pro and 7 reasons to pull the trigger on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma.

What is your preference between a 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma vs a 6-cylinder? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. See you in the next story.

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I think the V6 engine is the way to go...unless budget is the most important thing for someone.