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New Tesla Cybertruck Owner Reports Quirky Wiper and Suspension Issues, But Are These Glitches?

A new Tesla Cybertruck owner is loving his truck, but has encountered a couple of odd quirks. His windshield wiper activates on its own and the suspension occasionally delivers a surprising bump.

This morning I read a Facebook post in which a new Tesla Cybertruck owner talked about two strange things that he noticed in his Cybertruck after 500 miles of ownership. The guy's name is Jake who has a white-wrapped Cybertruck and he writes "500 miles later and its been a blast with my Cybertruck. However, I noticed 2 things."

Jake says "At a stop light his Cybertruck's windshield wiper randomly moves 1 inch to the left or right, for no reason." He says "I never touched the wipe button and it's set to off. Seems like a glitch."

Another thing he says he noticed is that the rear suspension will randomly bump at a stop light. Jake says "One time I thought I was rear-ended, but I think, or it could be that it was the rear bags filling up with air." He says his Cybertruck's ride is always set to Medium so he is assuming it was just leveling out from air lost. Could this be the case? But he also says it's exaggerated and doesn't fill up smoothly.


Jake says he has noticed it 3-4 times since taking his Cybertruck's delivery from Tesla.

"Neither bothers me," writes Jake and adds that he just noticed these two funky things and wondered if anyone else has the same issues. "Otherwise I LOVE THIS TRUCK," writes Jake in capital letters.

Before we move forward, please also see this overview of the Tesla Cybertruck, given by one of its first owners.

Guys, here is one possible explanation. The windshield wiper regularly repositions itself to optimize aerodynamics. At a stop sign, it resets its position.

But one other Tesla owner commented back saying he heard that the wiper motor has issues and Tesla is working out a solution. Has anyone received any info? And another Cybertruck owner said he had to replace his Cybertruck's wiper motor assembly already. "Wiper didn’t work coming out of the dealership when I picked it up, he wrote."

John, another Cybertruck owner writes, saying "
My wiper sometimes just sits there wobbling back and forth. Not moving enough to move the blade on the windscreen, but enough to wiggle the arm back and forth. I asked service about it back in March and they said it's normal, but I also saw that they halted deliveries last week because of a wiper motor issue, so it could be related."

What about the bump sound in the back? If you are a Cybertruck owner have you experienced anything related to that? People in the comments write about their own experiences. One person says "I have noticed these exact same things! Funny, the first time I thought someone gently hit me I told my hubs when I got home. He said that if they did I would have a recording or something would have chimed. A couple of days later it did it again and no one was behind me."

Have you ever encountered such issues? Please, click the red link below to write your comment and join our discussion.

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Image modified from FB discussion post referenced above.