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This Is How The Thermal Image of Tesla Model 3 Heated Seat Looks Like

If you wonder which areas of your body the Tesla Model 3 heated seat will warm, here is the thermal image.


Today Reddit user mechrock shared this image, which I am sharing with References to the source, showing how the Tesla Model 3 seat heats and warms up the driver's body. You know, while Tesla is slowly delivering the Model 3 and hundreds of thousands of reservation holders are still waiting for their Model 3 to arrive anything related to Model 3 is of interest for them as most of them haven not even seen a Model 3 before making their preorders.

Today there is an active chatter about the heated thermal image of the Model 3 seat and interestingly a big part of the discussion focuses on the fertility health of the driver. People say that heated seats, warming up your genitals, aren't good for your health. They say it's good if it warms up your back, but not the lower area of your body.

"Honestly heated seats can kill your sperm count. I‘m not kidding. Personally I like having my back heated, but never needed my rear warmed up. What to do? Turns out the heat pads on my current car can be unplugged individually. Solved my issue just fine. Just required some finicky fiddling underneath the seat rails," writes one user.

Fertility risks of heated car seats

It is true that unhealthy lifestyle can affect fertility, but I also found stories and studies published online that heated car seats can reduce male fertility. For example, a German study of 30 healthy men showed that a toasty car seat may boost relaxation during your commute, but beware: It could also be frying your sperm, reports Men's Health.

"Learning that the Model 3 SR will have heated front seats standard was actually the most exciting "reveal" for me when we started learning about the car after the big event this summer. It's been below freezing day and night here, like most winters, and heated seats are the only way my Leaf is tolerable. It takes too long for the electric heater to warm the cabin, and I take too many unplanned little trips to run errands to pre-heat every time. I don't know who decided that heated seats should be a base feature of almost every EV, but god bless that person," writes yet another user in the group discussion.

Overall heated seats are good and these days virtually all new cars have them. They are beneficial if used in very cold temperatures. But use caution when use your heated seats in moderation.

How often do you use the heated seats in your car? Let us know in the comments section below if you have experienced any fertility issues after using them too much. If you liked this article and think it may help your friends, consider sharing or tweeting it to your followers. Here is how Model S and Model 3 seats are compared: told by people who have seat in both cars.

Image source Reddit