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GM Working with Automakers Toward Fast Electric Charger

Chevy Volt team just said that GM is working with several other automakers toward producing a common fast charger for electric cars such as Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-Miev.

This afternoon at 1PM Eastern Time Rob Peterson and Michelle Malcho with Chevrolet Communications, joined with Dough Wernert and Grant Kenny from were holding a Facebook web chat discussing consumer questions regarding Chevy Volt and its performance. Few very interesting announcements came from the Chevy Team particularly about GM's investment in better chargers not only for Volt but also for other electric cars.

"Has GM been investing in fast charge technologies like Nissan has with the leaf?" asked Josh Biro, a co-op engineer at Nidec Motor Company. Chevy Volt team first said that they are "looking at fast chargers... but nothing to announce today."

However, little later, the team elaborated further and literally said the following. "One additional note to fast charging. GM is working with several other automakers and the SAE to develop a common fast charger interface. As Michelle mentioned, we are looking at for future applications, but nothing to announce today."

Volt team also said that GM will start building Volts with MyLink starting in February. MyLink is Chevy Volt's telematics system/infotainment system. It will allow users to control online services through apps, like Pandora Internet Radio or Stitcher Radio through voice commands or the touch-screen interface. It will enable Volt to access internet via a smartphone with a 3G data connection through bluetooth.

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