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The Four Price Options of Tesla Model 3

Recently Tesla launched the production of its Model 3 and the company never gets tired of noting that this is its most affordable electric car in its class.

So how much does the Tesla Model 3 really cost? The starting price of the Model 3 is really only $ 35,000. But if you decide to purchase this model, you will face an unpleasant surprise: the cost of an electric car can significantly increase.

The basic version of the Model 3 doesn't include such usual functions that most motorists have gotten used to. For example, the automatic adjustment of front seats. For this price you would expect to get those basic things right?

It will have to be paid for because it is included in a set of additional options. The premium package will cost the customers of Model 3 $5,000. It also includes a tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection, LED fog lights and two USB connectors for the rear passengers. Total: $ 40,000

  • Base car with a 220 mile range for $35,000
  • Extended range of 310 miles for $44,000
  • Add Enhanced Autopilot feature for $49,000 (40% higher than the base price)
  • Add “Full self-driving capability” for a total of $52,000 (49% higher)

If you want autopilot you have to pay for it as well. All manufactured Model 3 cars are equipped with the necessary equipment (cameras, scanners, sensors, etc.) to support the Autopilot system of the second generation. But to activate it you need to shell out another $ 5000. Improved unmanned driving technology greatly facilitates driving: the car itself changes speed, rebuilds along the lanes and is parked. Total: $ 45,000.