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Let's Say Tesla Model 3 Base Price Changes, Do You Drop Your Order Or Stay

The base price of Tesla Model 3 is unlikely to change, but consider Tesla surprisingly brought back the Model S 60 things then could change any time. if the base price of Model 3 changes in a year or two before your delivery, how many would drop out their orders if the price went higher?

This is an interesting discussion Model 3 base price on Tesla's own page in the forum, where the members discuss different scenarios of the Model 3 price change before your delivery. How would you react if for some unknown reasons the price changes before your delivery date. This is not a mere speculation considering how far is the delivery date of the Tesla Model 3 for tens of thousands of orders.

Why base price can change in a year or two? The answer is simple. Car part prices may go up or down. Raw material prices can go up or down. These two factors are enough to fluctuate the base price of the Model 3.

Price Remains Unchanged, Options Change

If forced by external factors such as the price of raw materials and supply parts, Tesla may play smart and act differently. The company may keep the base price the same, but change the options your Model 3 is equipped with.

This can be really big. Options can possibly even double the price of any car if you choose enough of them. For example, things that are standard in Model S and X may likely be optional for an extra cost in Tesla Model 3. Or consider SuperCharging. There were number of articles in the media in the past few weeks that Supercharing may not be free in Tesla Model 3. In fact, this story in Fortune, says Tesla could end free Supercharging for life for the Model 3.

Cutoff Reservations and Lock in $35K Price

If Tesla changes the base price of the Model 3 this could result in a lot of bad press. Tesla understands this and the company has generally been very responsible and forthcoming with the public and its customers.

We know that historically car prices have been modified almost each year. In general, they have increased in prices because of number of object reasons. Tesla is not immune to these reasons and factors. "If for arguments sake, the current number of reservations represents 2 years of production - and it is expected that more reservations will flow in over time (particularly after Unveil part 2 and once production starts) - I would expect that at some point Tesla will announce a cutoff reservation date to lock in the $35K base price," writes one of the forums members mentioned above.

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On the other hand the $35,000 base price for the Model 3 is almost a brand name for Tesla. The company had it as the target price for a long time and now it is the announced price. Now, whether the options, specs and packages will change or no, that's a different question.

What is your opinion? Why do you think Tesla can afford the $35K base price for Model 3 in the years to come?