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Finnish taxi driver drove Tesla Model S 250K miles without breakages

Finnish taxi driver Ari Nyussosest drove his Tesla Model S 250 thousand miles without any technical problems with the electric car, reports Helsingin Sanomat.

According to Mr. Nyussosest, for three years he drove his Tesla Model S almost half a million kilometers and never got into any problems or accidents. He only needed to do periodic maintenance and one time it was necessary to repair the battery. In fact, earlier Tesla CEO Elon Musk had said that the power unit of Tesla's budget car Model 3 will require repairs every million miles.

To me, this shows that Tesla has succeed making durable electric cars to which people trust. 250,000 miles is a good achievement, but not a remarkable achievement compared to ICE cars.

According to Helsingin Sanomat Tesla has promised eight-year warranty for its engines, batteries and powertrains without the mileage limit. Similar eight-year warranty is also promised by Volkswagen.

Nyyssönen, the taxi driver, told the reporter that he loads his Tesla Model S as much as possible and usually charges at home at night.

Question for our readers: How many miles do you have on your EV, what EV do you drive and how often do you charge?

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I had over 70,000 miles on my Model S 85 when I traded it in for a new Model S 100D. I typically charged when I knew that I was going on a long trip or when my range fell below 100 miles. Sometimes, I charged even when I wasn't that low as long as it was below 180 miles.
"Finnish taxi driver drove Tesla Model S 250K miles without breakages" "one time it was necessary to repair the battery" ...huh?
I should have said without major breakages.
When the most expensive component of a car breaks down is it safe to say it had a major breakage?