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Apparently some businesses near a supercharger or destination charger offer "Tesla discounts"

"Our hotel had a "Tesla rate." A restaurant and a spa gave us 10% off today. Each time, we simply thanked them for having a Tesla charger and then they told us about the discount," writes Jason in Tesla Model S owners group on Facebook.

Attracting EV or Tesla owners with special discounts is becoming a new marketing trend for businesses. For example, as seen in this image, Collin Street Bakery offers free coffee if you show your Tesla key. People say it's good coffee and tasty items from the bakery.

It's like here's your free electricity -- and here's a discount for taking advantage of your free electricity. "I am surprised someone hasn't built a website around how to get the best bang for your buck out of Tesla ownership," writes Sal in the same group.

"Any time a business asks what brings me by, I mention the supercharger," writes Model S owner Craig. "I will happily let any business know I'm spending money there because they've got a convenient charger," he adds.

Reading from the comments in the group, I see that almost all people who participated in the discussion show that they really appreciate the local business' partnership with Tesla in installing the superchargers. Who person, who sounded like a restaurant owner, asked how can a small business partner with Tesla and install superchargers in the parking lot.

For this to happen, any small business owner, can contact Tesla through its website. While I don't know about the superchargers, I know that Tesla has a destination charger program, to which restaurants and small business owners can apply. The website says that "Tesla partners with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts to make charging when you arrive at your destination as simple as charging at home. Pull up and plug into a Tesla wall connector to charge Model S while you shop, dine, or even during an overnight stay."

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