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30 Minute Wait To Sit in a Model 3 at Tesla Manhattan

The picture in this Tweet shows You have to wait in line for 30 minutes to sit in a Tesla Model 3 in Manhattan Tesla dealership in NYC.


Tesla Model 3 continues to garner a lot of attention by electric car buyers and enthusiasts. I don't know why, but Tesla Model 3 is just like the iPhone of the car industry. And there are 10 reasons for that.

Alex Roy of The Drive several days ago tweeted showing a picture of people waiting to sit in a Tesla Model 3 in Tesla's NYC dealerships.

Indeed, when was the last time people waited to sit in a car at a dealership?

As I continue to read the tweet replies, one user named Mark Spiegel is not impressed.

"What do you think the line would be like at the Park Avenue Ferrari showroom if they threw open the doors and said "Come sit in the cars?" There are plenty of lines for various cars at auto shows if they're displayed before thousands of dealers have them," Spiegel writes.

It's the feeling to scarcity, the feeling of "rarity" that causes these lines. "If the Model 3 appeared simultaneously at 1000 dealers (the way REAL companies launch $50,000 cars (without lying about their costing $35,000) there would be no lines to have a look at it," Spiegel adds.

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kent beuchert (not verified)    January 28, 2018 - 10:01AM

I wonder how many noticed the poor quality of the interior, or the sure-to-be-outlawed touchscreen/text messaging center?