Tesla Model 3 compared to iPhone

Top 10 Reasons Why Tesla Model 3 Will Be Remembered Like iPhone

Here are the top 10 reasons why Alex Guberman, the host and founder of Everything Tesla YouTube channel thinks the Model will be remembered as the iPhone of the car industry.

These points are not in particular order, but Guberman thinks the number one is Tesla's Self-Driving feature, which is going to change many things in the car industry, just like iPhone has.

1. Self Driving Feature

A lot of people are amazed by what it is even now that people actually can see Tesla drivers letting the wheel go and it will turn, drive the car, keep the distance, park itself. These are all amazing features, but we all know that this is in its infant state. The end game is going to be that in the near future these cars will become like carriages. In the near future being in a car is not going to mean driving it, but the car itself will take care of your moving from point A to point B. In the meantime, you will be able to do something else.

And this is a game changer. Imagine of having an extra 2-3 hours of time that many people normally spend on the road, now they can use that time for something else. For example, you drive your kids to school, then you drive to work, then you return and pick up your kids from school. These things take time of driving. Now, you will be able to do something else while your car takes you from point A to point B.

This is going to change many things in this world and the way we live out lives much like an iPhone has.

2. Touch Screen

Touch screen was a big deal for iPhone. Tesla is going for touch screen. Number of car companies had touch screen, but they went back to regular buttons.

Once you put lots of buttons on the dashboard you can't use that space for anything else. Yet, Tesla Model 3 frees lots of real estate on the dashboard by going for touch screen. You can use the touch screen as a keyboard, for looking maps or a graph or anything else. Guberman thinks that the auto industry eventually will use touchscreens and follow along.

3. Electric Cars Are Better

When electric cars came out they weren't really cool. People thought they are just little ugly-looking cars that just don't go too far. People thought EVs don't have that much to offer and that was true to some extent. This can be true to Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, which Guberman calls embarrassment for the technology they offer.

But when Tesla came in, it started to revive things just like iPhone. Couberman things EVs could have died without Tesla or could have just become a small niche if Tesla didn't come to the market.

The Tesla Model 3 is going to make the electric cars cool again. There is Model S and Model X and they are cool cars too, but most people look at Tesla right now as the toy of a luxury for the rich people.

But now when Model 3 is here and the most people in the middle class can afford it that will force many people to look at it as a real car and say "you know, I never thought about this, but the electric cars are actually cool." Tesla Model 3 looks great, it has all these cool technologies and it has a lot of power.

By the way, who would ever thought that the electric cars will have all this amazing torque power to compete with Porsches and Ferraris. That alone is amazing. This is why people's opinions are really changing and Model 3 is going to push that.

A lot of people are going to start thinking that the electric cars are cool and they are actually better than the gas cars. In fact, a lot of people who bought Tesla Model S or Model X, didn't buy because they necessarily care about the environment, but because they thought that these are great looking cool cars and they are somewhat better than the rest in the industry.

4. Apps for Cars

This is not here yet, but soon there will be an App store for cars. You can already see a few apps that are built into the Teslas (the navigation system, the music, the camera), but you know, they are primitive and they are made by the manufacturer, just like it started with an iPhone.

But once they open it up for the people to make apps for cars I can't even imagine what people will build. There will be companies that will make billions of dollars by making special apps for cars. I think they are in the near future and they are going to make the self driving cars even more enjoyable, says Guberman.

5. American Auto Industry's Rebirth

Let's be honest, in the past few decades America wasn't really the country that people can have counted on to produce good cars. You know, if you wanted a good car with a reliable technology you would go with a Japanese car. If you wanted a high performance car, you would go with a German or Italian car. In much like an iPhone, Tesla is going to change that. Many people will start say that this American car manufacturer makes great cars, just like an iPhone came and Apple took over becoming the leading and one of the best electronic companies in the world.


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