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Model 3 Owner Shows an Easy Way To Clean Your Tesla Wheels

How to clean Tesla wheels


Tesla's powerful brakes throw lots of brake dust on the car's wheels. In this video tutorial you can see an easy and practical way to use 2 simple tools and a water to clean your Tesla vehicles' wheels. You don't have to touch your wheels with your hands while cleaning it.

To clean your Tesla wheels you need a Liquid X Original Wheel Woolies Brush and a Sonax wheel cleaner Full Effect. Sonax wheel cleaner is an acid-free and pH balanced formulation, reads the product description on Amazon. Sonax wheel cleaner is $24, while the Liquid X Original Wheel Woolies Brush comes in a 3 piece kit and costs $59.99.

We thanks Jason Kaplan who shared with us this Tesla wheel cleaning video as a benefit to Torque News users and all Tesla owners.

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Also watch our previous video showing how 2 Model X Pull and Rescue a Model S From a Norwegian Snow. Please, let us know in the comments section what you think and if you regularly clean your Tesla wheels. What tools and products do you use that work the best for cleaning Tesla wheels?