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2 Model X Pull and Rescue a Model S From a Norwegian Snow

Tesla model x pulling tesla model s

This is how Tesla Model X and Model S vehicles help each other in a snow.

Today the guys from a Norwegian EV news website Elbil24 shared this cool video with Torque News showing how 2 Tesla Model X vehicles come to rescue a Model s stuck in the snow.

As you can see one Model X is pulling while driving forward and the 2nd Model X is pulling while driving backward. As a result the Model S is rescued from being stuck in the snow.

Has your Tesla ever been stuck in a snow? How did you manage it? Please comment below if you have been in a similar situation or if you rescued your Tesla with the help of another Tesla.

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Shelly (not verified)    May 28, 2019 - 6:17AM

Our Tesla Model S got stuck in an unplowed parking lot once. Wish there was an X around. lol